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Caruso and Company, PA Certified Public Accountants, is a Registered Investment Advisor, and Anthony Caruso, CPA also holds the PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) designation. Caruso and Company P.A. prepares customized portfolios for individual corporate and retirement plan investors. We construct every portfolio to match each client’s risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our fees are calculated on the basis of the value of the assets under management. As both a CPA and RIA, we have a Fiduciary duty to our clients.


The word Fiduciary means someone who’s committed to putting your financial interests ahead of his or her own. The word is important because true fiduciaries are harder to find than you might think. Most of the people who want to give you advice about your money, such as stock brokers and insurance sales persons, aren’t held to that high standard. At best, they’re held to a “suitability” standard, which means they’re supposed to reasonably believe that the investment and insurance products they want you to buy are appropriate for your situation. Being just “appropriate” and not “the best choice” or “in your best interests” certainly isn’t an approach anyone would want from their financial advisor. Yet, stock brokers, insurance agents, registered representatives and even Certified Financial Planners are not required to maintain a fiduciary duty to their clients. This is so serious a situation, that the recent Financial Regulation Bill has charged the SEC with addressing these issues.   


Unlike the “non-fiduciary” advisors above, we receive no commissions and receive no compensation whatsoever from the sale of financial investment products. This fee only approach eliminates conflicts of interest because we are not paid by financial institutions pushing their products. Because we are paid by our clients, on a fee basis, we are objective and independent, working on the same side of the table, in their best interest, to meet their very specific goals and objectives.


As CPA’s and Personal Financial Specialists, we also believe it is imperative to continually review and monitor our clients’ entire financial picture. We combine strategic tax, financial and investment planning for every client. We combine the most respected academic investment philosophy of Modern Portfolio Theory, with strategic asset allocation to provide the best of all worlds. We use an asset allocation approach of investing in markets and asset classes across the globe, re-balancing these asset classes based on domestic and global economic data and indicators, as well as a myriad of technical tools. We work predominately with no load passive asset class index funds and ETF’s, rather than individual stocks, which can carry far more risk.

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