Asset Allocation Continued

It is also important to consider that we live today in a global economic environment.  It is no longer necessary or even smart, to limit investments to the United States alone.  Today, international and emerging markets are up and coming economic powers, and are poised for substantial growth.  In addition, gold, precious metals, commodities, and hard assets should be a part of many portfolios to hedge against inflation or devalued currency during volatile times.
A well balanced portfolio today might contain a number of asset classes such as large cap, small cap, international, emerging markets, commodities, and foreign and domestic fixed income.  Of course, the specific investment vehicle and the amounts of each will depend on each client’s situation, and, are subject to continual review and re-balancing as personal, economic or global conditions change.
The key involves implementing a sophisticated asset allocation strategy with a globally diversified portfolio, keeping investment costs low and re-balancing the portfolios as markets ebb and flow.


                                                                                            cont. Active Asset Allocation Strategy


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